Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look who's playing with NARS

Presenting... my dear with NARS

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A glass from a cabinet from someplace call Home

It was Friday night and it's time to paaaaarty! Off it goes looking for Chivas and Coke. It was just an innocent friendship but soon it was having too much fun and before the clock strikes 12, it was emptying that bottle of Bailey's that has been in the fridge for ...(God knows how long). It doesn't stop there. As the hour lingers pass midnight, it started to flirt with Jago. Jago has been sober since it moves in the neighborhood... but not tonight. Jago soon realize it too has been a victim of time. As it stays with the neighborhood, it realize time would catch up with it and it would soon be wasted too... and tonight is the night.

So it is true that time will make you more mature and be appreciated by many.

Cheers !!! and Happy Valentine Day.