Friday, June 30, 2006

Peugeot - Made in India

Naughty Nanny

Don't SMS & Walk

Heineken in space

Found this somewhere on the net.. floating around

" A man found a bottle, cleans the bottle, the genie pops out standard story,.... Genie ask man for a wish blah blah.....Man said ' I want a bridge connecting here to Hawaii, so that I can enjoy the sunny beaches, nice swaying girls dancing by the sun set just a drive away'The genie replied 'Do you know what it takes to build a bridge that far and how many people would have died building the bridge and how much concrete, metal and material would go into building the bridge?'Man said 'Okay.... didn't know it was so bad. I'll take back the wish and I wish to "understand women" 'Genie replied 'Would you like One lane or Two lanes on the bridge?"

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a modern life we living in ....

Life is full of crap... at least in working life if it's not student life. I think student life is great. No worries... not much responsiblities. Someday we party till dawn. For the other day, we'll be mamaking till dawn too. Anyway, life is pretty much boring these days. The same old routine everyday. Clock in... do this, do that, clock out. End of the month.... PAY DAY !!! That's something to cheer about. Usually it's gone before the 15th. Yeap.. buy this.. buy that.. pay bills... pay bills... pay bills... even petrol is much more expensive today. Thank God there's internet... it was slow at first, starting off with 33.6K, then the 56K but now it's 1Mb.. well there is still people using the 56K bandwidth. It's ok for them if they only use it to check emails, but heavy users like myself would definitely need to ride the 1Mb bandwidth. It's pretty a good deal for RM88/month since we get to download tons of music, movies, and even software. No piracy here please. We're not pirates. We're highly educated modern humans living in this cruel world. Some of us out there have to steal for a living, some would rob and some are purely con artists... but that doesn't make the rest of us looks bad. In fact good people will not look good if not for the bad people. Smart people will not look smart if not for the "not so smart" people. What I wanted to say here is, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". This phrase would be more suitable for physics.. I know. Action=Reaction.. action=reaction... get it? No? Okay.. here is a classic example....

I'm writing this and..... you're reading this. See? I write .. You read.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

School Bully...

School Fight...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Monkey Business

Monkey as pet anyone?