Monday, December 20, 2004

Sad sad day ... :(

Good morning people. Today I decided to "ponteng" kerja to accompany my car to see doctor, err this time a specialist. Last night it cough as if there's no tomorrow, as if an invisible force is choking it to death. :( sigh...

Anyway, a short conversation with my colleague on the phone indicates this could be the valve problem which effects the timing of the engine.

I know in US, we can find lots of those phone psychic experts (at least that's what they claim to be). In Malaysia? Hmm... we shall find out soon enough.

+ info: (11:25 AM)

Just got back from the mechanic... confirm valve problem. One of the plug is completely black... I guess this is Malaysian car. 5 years down the road, need an overhaul, regardless it's minor or major. The bill this time comes out to 450 buckaroos. Scheduled to be discharged late tomorrow. So till then, I'm motionless. :(

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