Sunday, January 30, 2005

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When young hearts fall out of love

When young people fall in love, they make promises of eternal love and devotion. They make plans for beautiful wedding. They create dreams of a happy marriage and wonderful children. They live in the utter happiness and contentment of being another person’s other half.
But when they fall out of love, they fight and declare that they would marry monkeys rather than speak to the former loved ones.
There are so many reasons why people break up. Breaking up can also be easy, messy or painful.
The most infuriating break-up has got to be when one party has been cheated or betrayed. What remain are the anger and the hate.
But the most painful break-up is probably when one person is still in love. Suddenly, all the promises, plans, dreams and memories just make you sad. The world becomes depressingly bleak and it gets hard even to eat and almost impossible to sleep. Nothing can make you happy again.
The sad love songs now hurt you even more. And you are sympathetic and emotional whenever you see a lover breaks the other’s heart on TV series.
You even cry when your favorite cousin tells you that he is leaving his girlfriend because you feel he is unsympathetic towards you. Even though you know that his relationship has nothing to do with yours, and you know that it is ridiculous to be offended by him, you are still upset.
You feel so down that you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You start acting very strangely, but you don’t really realize it because nothing seems real to you. The phone rings and rings, but you don’t bother to pick it up because you don’t feel like talking to anyone.
You feel so depressed remembering that just a few days ago, when the phone rang, you picked it up not knowing that your heart would be broken at the end of the conversation.
It is so awful knowing that the one you love will no longer be phoning you.
It’s even worse to know that the one who is now your “ex” (just the sound of the word brings tears to your eyes) would be phoning someone else, someone who has prematurely taken your place and stolen your sunshine. And you suddenly realize that you are just another broken-hearted fool.
You know that it was nobody’s fault and that it “just happened”. You know that nobody meant to hurt you but if you knew all that, why do you still feel as if somebody had just stabbed you in the heart and left the knife there?
Some people handle pain better but most people can’t cope with disappointment and start to do strange things. Oftentimes, people do the things that broken-hearted youngsters do in novels and movies.
Some youngsters cannot deal with disappointment. Suzi consumed a whole bottle of sleeping pills when her fiancé broke their engagement because he fell in love with another girl.
After his girlfriend left him, Jeffrey got into some bad company who taught him to drink.
There can be no doubt that there are probably some teenagers out there who even turn to drugs when their pledge of love and loyalty is turned down.
Disappointment and frustration leave unhealthy consequences. Because of the fear of being rejected again, some people stay clear of the opposite sex altogether.
The thing to do right after a break-up is probably to widen one’s circle of friends. Expand your horizons. After all, a problem is only another opportunity knocking on the door!
So why not forget all your troubles and take advantage of the freedom and extra time to make more friends and do more constructive things?
Remember all the time you spent on the telephone hanging onto every syllable uttered by your darling? And all the weekends you spent going out on dates?
How about all the precious study or working hours you misused writing love letters?
Now that your love has left, you’re probably left with too much spare time. You can either fill them by rereading love letters or you can start reading that 400-page novel that you never had time for.
The end of a serious relationship leaves an enormous void in the heart. There will be scars that are hard to heal. It takes great effort to go on as usual, and even greater effort to start rearranging one’s life.
So, if you had just recently checked into Heartbreak Hotel, don’t make it a permanent stay.
Get out as soon as you can. You will see a lot of great things when you walk out the door.

Happy Valentine's Day

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