Saturday, August 27, 2005

The reunion ...

A friendship started back in 1993. Four strangers determined by fate to meet up in this little white castle (at least back then it was white with a patch of blue here and there). That’s the point our lives changed forever.

About a year later, we were flown to this little Red Indian town called Kalamazoo, located somewhere in Michigan. We had our first winter, our first spring, our first summer and fall. We were just there on a mission. A four year research to find a better future in our life.

After the research ended, we lead our separate lives. Three of us came back to our lovely hometown and started our new life, and one of us decided to stay back and started his life in the windy city.

Two of us were crazy partying almost every night, but surprisingly we manage to get to work the next day. That’s when we discover more and more happening joints around Klang Valley. While all these were happening, one of us got married, and now he’s got two kids. Lucky guy.

Soon after that, another one of us got married as well and now has one daughter. I doubt he quit clubbing but I think he cuts down a lot on those activities. Good for him.

Now back in present days after 11 years this friendship started. Today I receive an email from that guy in Chicago. He said he’s coming back this September (5~9). Immediately I informed the two married guy and yeah! We will have a reunion.


Little white castle – sunway college, back in its first year operation at sunway city. FYI, at that time there no such thing as pyramid, lagoon. There’s nothing there but this little white building.

The windy city – Chicago. Its name the windy city cause it’s very windy all the time. Simple explaination. Don’t believe me? Go and find out yourself.

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