Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's a cold day

Yes it is... i didn't see the sun today. There was haze all over everywhere I go. I couldn't have been affecting my mind, my judgement. No! It's gotta be something else. It seems like tolerence but is it? What kind of tolerence are we talking about? Relationship? Strange... Should a couple be tolerence of each other if they're already good enough to give and take? It's like he story of chicken and egg. Which comes first? What are the sacrifices does a couple have to go through to make a relationship works? Is it sacrifices for the future family the couple trying to build or is it for something else? What do we contribute to make the relationship better or what are the things we try to do to make everything perfect? It would be unfair for just a person to carry all the responsibility without the support of the other half. It is often misjudged as the stronger sex would have to carry all the responsibility by himself. In some cases, it would be herself. In a matter of give and take, it should be levelled out. No matter whatever the circumstances are, it should be 50/50, 40/60, 30/70 or even 20/80 but never 0/100. Whether it's good or bad... I'm probably talking crap here since I have too much to drink. I'll stop here for now.

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