Sunday, April 22, 2007

Uncovering the truth...

As I was recovering from a mild headache after few rounds of guinness and single malt the night before, I begin to wonder about the definition of "mid-life crisis" from my previous post. Could it just be an excuse for someone who's tired of living everyday life as a routine and wanted to take a break . What is the best excuse can you come up with when out of a sudden, you feel like
1.buying an expensive watch
2. change car, change job
3. frequent visit to your favorite bar
4. being childish

Yes! Blame it on mid-life crisis. Isn't life wonderful when you reach 30s? Especially mid to late 30s? :D

This is the first chapter of uncovering the truth... (maybe)

p/s - seriously guys, don't drink and drive if u can. Just saw a horrible accident as I was driving back home from Laundry around 2AM after mamak. So morale of the story is... don't drink and drive, if you have to drive, drop by your local mamak store for some maggi goreng and teh O ais limau to freshen up before you head home.

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