Friday, August 04, 2006

Tsunami again ???

Funny... this morning I got this SMS from a production manager,

"Plz fwd dis msg : indonesia was havin tsunami juz now. Dont go to the beach or sea side. It maybe reach M'sia about 10pm onward."

I check almost every website on the net but I couldn't find a single warning or news regarding this tsunami. But the strange part is, whatever this guy say.. it will eventually turns out to be true. However I have no worries. I'm right in the middle of a solid piece of land, drinking my special brew while busying punching the keys on this crappy piece of kb with my fingers. Oh yea, I'm listening to this Cafe Del Mar Mix Edition 2006 which I downloaded from the net. Pretty cool clubbing song in here.

Whatever it is, I wish life would be a lot easier than now. Why money doesn't drop from the sky? Why it doesn't rain oil? Why salmon doesn't just drop from the sky during this "oil" rain? How many of you love salmon sashimi?


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